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Lazarus DNA is a division of Global Genetic Health Inc.

The scientists are all experts in ancient and highly degraded DNA. The core team all came from Lakehead University Paleo DNA Lab where a lot of groundbreaking DNA preservation research happened. They have the techniques and expertise to deal with highly complex and degraded samples.

This understanding of DNA damage also makes them highly knowledgeable in how to halt these processes. Through 12 years of research on ancient DNA samples scientists at Lazarus were able to recreate the conditions artificially that samples in the field had lasted for tens of thousands of years.

They created a system now that allows anyone to have their DNA preserved in a way which halts all the major degradation causes.

The Lazarus team can deal with post mortem DNA which is more complex than a living persons as well so many funeral providers tend to use the service.

The Lazarus team can also recover DNA from a variety of items like old stamps, letters, pipes or such things like hats and baby teeth.

After the sample is successfully extracted and cleaned the sample now can be tested at any of the laboratories in the Global Genetic Health Network right through Lazarus DNA.

This includes ancestry testing through our partner Living DNA or a range of medical, legal and specialty testing. We also have access to research institutions for people wishing to participate in studies and also support groups like disease foundations.


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101 Syndicate Ave N. Suite 2B Thunder Bay Ontario, P7C 3V4, Canada

1 807 577 0989
[email protected]

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