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DNA Banking

DNA is the code of life, providing the instructions to build all the parts of the body.

Throughout an individual’s life, DNA requires constant repair and replacement. After death, the body is unable to continue to repair the DNA; this is when degradation begins. Lazarus DNA is able to use a specialized cleaning and preservation process to place the DNA in a state of suspended animation and prevent this breakdown.

Each cell contains approximately 3 feet of DNA when unwound from its helix shape, and fragile like glass threads.

For stability, the DNA is wrapped around microscopic beads to prevent breakage then stored in a sealed tube with pressurized nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation.

Our process physically reinforces, dries and protects the DNA from air to allow your family to keep and store your loved one’s DNA at room temperature.

This means that you have the ability to store the genetic information at home, maintaining complete control and privacy. This vial contains enough DNA for many tests, should you decide to pursue them down the road. This truly personal service allows you to save what made your loved one truly unique.

This exclusive process allows for not only safe storage of this valuable genetic information but provides a beautiful and tangible link to the past for future generations.

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