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Relationship Test

Every person’s DNA is unique but 50% of that DNA is passed down to your children.

Because DNA is inherited in a predictable way, it can be used to determine relationships between people. Relationship testing can be used to answer questions about paternity, maternity, and siblingship, as well as identify cousins.

Being able to confirm relationships can be important for legal reasons, such as paternity, but is also important in helping to connect family members who may have been separated during adoptions or regional displacements.


As leading experts in post-mortem DNA Lazarus DNA is able to help families answer these questions at a time when most genetic testing companies are not.

This expertise means that families don’t have to leave questions unanswered and can gain the closure needed to move on when a loved one has passed.

Whether this test is for personal or legal reasons our testing follows the highest forensic standards to ensure your results are reliable.

Lazarus DNA operates with the utmost discretion, providing an emailed and printed copy of the report detailing the relationship only to the purchaser.

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